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Greyhound Beast Candy lilla 19 cm

  • 35900 kr

Den ideelle kam , top kvalitet især til  Langhårs racer.

Mål: 19x3,5 cm

Alle Greyhounds kammer fremstillet med høje standarder for kvalitet og holdbarhed. Hver kam er lavet i hånden, pigge kan ikke bøje eller falde ud. Kamrene er forniklet og belagt med en antistatisk belægning.

7.5 "x 1,375"

Beast 7.5 inch Extra Coarse/Fine Candy

This comb can be used for most coated breeds, with Medium Coarse and Fine Tines.

All of our combs are still handmade in the same UK factory. Each comb is lovingly built by the same family of craftsmen as it has always been for the last 94 years to the exact same high standard you have become accustomed to.

The Greyhound Comb is made of top quality products with pins that cannot bend or fall out, a process that has never changed. Each Greyhound Comb is handmade, pin by pin and polished by hand. The pins are custom made to our specs and are unique to the Ashley Craig Comb. For the final finish the combs are then nickel plated, in the famous Sheffield, England, then shipped to the United States where they gain their final coating and engraving. Once again this is done by hand. This is what makes our combs a step above others. Your Greyhound Comb passes through no less than eleven sets of hands before reaching you. We are the only factory making combs with these materials and we do not make for other companies under private label.

The colored anti static coating really does set this comb aside from other combs on the market place. It has proven to be very popular, with professionals and groomers.

This comb is built to last and we will stand behind every comb that is produced and used under normal grooming conditions.

We hope that you will enjoy using our combs for many years to come.

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